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Free for all residents, Hello Northshore was made for you. So this one's on us. All you have to do in exchange is tell your friends.


Find out what’s going on in and around town at any time. Don’t miss an update. Don’t miss a deal. Don’t miss a beat.

Messaging, real-time news and updates, location awareness, deals, loyalty, groups and much more. Hello Northshore really packs a punch.


A service with values

Enjoy the benefits of community with Hello Northshore. We help local residents and businesses stay connected in safe and exciting ways.

A Social Purpose

Hello Northshore provides everyone a revolutionary way to stay connected while also giving back to the community.

One App For Everything

Stay updated on all Northshore-related news and information, deals, loyalty, groups, chat, safety and more - all rolled up in the palm of your hand.

Champion The Cause

By using Hello Northshore, you'll be helping promote commerce, loyalty and unity across our community.

Small Business Is Big For Us

We help local businesses bring value to residents. Guaranteeing quality service along the way.

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

Use the tools we provide to increase the quality of your customer relationships. Build trust, earn respect, develop loyalty and grow your revenue.

Customer Value

Customer Value

Rather than simply bombarding consumers with more advertising, deliver actual value to the consumer by sponsoring a service he can really use.

Extend Your Brand

Extend Your Brand

Intercept consumers who aren't in your store, and turn them into loyal customers. Reach consumers throughout the purchase journey.

Digital Offers & Coupons

Digital Offers & Coupons

Go all in on your digital currencies and give consumers the ultimate convenience of having everything related to your business in one place.

Unlimited Texts

Unlimited Texts

Reaching consumers has never been easier. Send your customers SMS and push notifications (we can explain the difference) at no extra cost.

Valuable Insights

Valuable Insights

Know more about your customers - their visits, redemption totals, spend levels and more. Let Hello Northshore provide you with actionable insights.

Take a look and see what makes us so special
A great service that was made for you

All Of The Features You'll Love

So much fun your mobile phone will thank you.


Exchange location messages with friends, family members and others at the right time and place. Bring some real-time relevance to your world.

Bulletin Board

Maintain a 24/7 overview of what's happening in the community. Stay in the conversation so you can stay in the know.

Deals & Loyalty

Enjoy the most consumer-friendly program the world over. The convenience of deals and loyalty across the community makes Hello Northshore a must-have.


We all have likes and dislikes. Well, we prefer to focus on the positives. So get with like-minded folks. Start or join a group.


If you're the chatty type, you'll love Hello Northshore. Chat with everyone, including businesses. And do it anonymously if you'd like to stay under cover.

Community First Responder

This part is serious business. Use this feature with caution, but also don't be afraid to do your part. If you see something, say something.